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ECEC-632: Performance Analysis of Computer Networks

(Winter, 2004)

CRN 20315
Course Number ECEC-632
Section Number 501
Credits 3.0
Time Thursdays 6pm - 8:50pm
Room Curtis 457
Instructor Steven Weber
Restrictions ECEC-631
Department Electrical and Computer Engineering


Covers probability theory and its applications to networks, random variable and random processes; Markov chains, multi- dimensional Markov chains; M/M/1, M/M/m, M/M/m/m, M/G/1 and G/G/1 queueing systems and their applications in computer networks; analysis of networks of queues: Kleinrock Independence Approximation; Time-reversibility and Burke's theorem; Jackson's theorem; the phenomenon of long-range dependence and its implications in network design and traffic engineering.


GrossHarris Primary text (required)
Title Fundamentals of Queueing Theory
Authors Donald Gross and Carl Harris
Publisher Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics
ISBN 0471170836
Edition 3rd

LeonGarcia Supplemental text (optional)
Title Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering
Author Albert Leon-Garcia
Publisher Prentice-Hall
ISBN 020150037X
Edition 2nd

Ross Supplemental text (optional)
Title Multiservice Loss Models for Broadband Telecommunication Networks
Author Keith Ross
Publisher Springer
ISBN 3540199187
Edition 1st

LeBoudec Supplemental text (optional)
Title Network Calculus
Author Jean-Yves Le Boudec
Publisher Springer-Verlag
ISBN 354042184X
Edition 1st

A couple of comments on the textbooks:

I will review probability, stochastic processes, and Markov chains using Leon-Garcia as a reference, but you do not need to purchase the text, provided you have a reasonably good reference available that covers the same material, e.g., Papoulis. I will make copies of the relevant chapters from Ross and have them available for download off the course website. The Le Boudec text may be downloaded here, we will only be using Chapter 1.


Homework (one problem set per week)30%
Midterm Exam (comprehensive)30%
Final Exam (comprehensive)40%

Late Homeworks and Makeup Exams

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Final Exam Location and Time

The university has promised to announce the final examination schedule during the third week of class. Do not make vacation travel plans which might interfere with the course until the examination time has been announced.

Students with Disabilities

In accordance with Drexel University policy, any student with a documented disability who needs accommodations is encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services (215-895-1401) or speak directly to the professor for further information about this office. Students must register with the Office of Disability Services and receive an Accommodation Verification Form prior to receiving accommodations. Contact with the Office of Disability Services is strictly confidential. Please make contact as early in the term as possible in order to receive timely accommodations.

Mandatory Registration

All students sitting in the classroom during the class must be registered for the course and on the class list supplied to the instructor for the second class. Any student not on the list at that time will be asked to leave until proper registration is obtained.

Academic Dishonesty

The Drexel University policy on academic dishonesty may be found here and will be strictly enforced. Plagiarism, fabrication, and cheating will, at the discretion of the instructor, constitute grounds for failure of the course.

Course Calendar

Please read the assigned materials for the lecture before the class in which it is covered.

Class Date Subject Text Chapters
1 1/8 Probability ReviewLeon-Garcia, Chapters 2-5
2 1/15 Stochastic Processes ReviewLeon-Garcia, Chapters 6-7
3 1/22 Markov Chains ReviewLeon-Garcia, Chapter 8
4 1/29 Simple Markovian Birth-Death Queueing ModelsGross & Harris, Chapter 2
5 2/5 Midterm ExamN/A
6 2/12 Advanced Markovian Queueing ModelsGross & Harris, Chapter 3
7 2/19 Networks, Series, and Cyclic QueuesGross & Harris, Chapter 4
8 2/26 The Stochastic KnapsackRoss, Chapters 2-3
9 3/4 Admission Control and Product Form Loss NetworksRoss, Chapters 4-5
10 3/11 Network CalculusLe Boudec, Chapter 1
11 3/18 Final ExamN/A