Steven Weber: students

Current Ph.D. students
Nan Xie
Ilaria Malanchini
Co-advised with Matteo Cesana
Drexel / Politecnico di Milano dual Ph.D. program
Alex Fridman
Co-advised with Moshe Kam
Jeffrey Wildman
Co-advised with Moshe Kam
Bradford Boyle
Co-advised with Moshe Kam

Current B.S. students

Former post-doc
Jiangyuan Li
Co-advised with Athina Petropulu

Graduated students
Zhen Zhao
Ph.D., June, 2011
Thesis: "Preemption control of multi-class loss networks"
Co-advised with J. C. de Oliveira
Current employer: Comcast
Vijaya Pendyala
M.S., June, 2011
Current employer:
Ananth Kini
Ph.D., November, 2008
Thesis: "Broadcasting and transmission coordination for ad hoc and sensor networks"
Current employer:
Bryan Willman
MS, December, 2007
Thesis: "Improved Performance for Network Simulation"
Current employer: Honeywell International
Ankan Basak
BS/MS, June, 2006
Thesis: "Bandwidth Reservation and Pricing"
Current employer: Agilent Technology
Udaya Pillalamarri
MS, March, 2005
Research Advisor: Irwin M. Chaiken
Thesis Advisor: Steven Weber
Thesis: "Computational Modeling of Interleukin-5 Receptor Antagonist"
Current employer: Susquehanna International Group

Former B.S. students
Semyon Fishman
BS, June, 2010
Current employer:
Nikhil Singhal
BS, June, 2008
Current employer: Google