John MacLaren Walsh

Since September 2006, I am with the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Drexel University, where I currently hold the rank of Associate Professor. My current research interests lie within the broad areas of signal processing and information theory for communications and biology. Right now I am most interested in 1) developing bounds for the region of entropic vectors based on information geometry and their implications in multiterminal information theory rate regions, 2) joint source separation, speaker identification, and speech recognition, 3) delay mitigating codes for network coded and multipath routed networks, 4) the performance and convergence of belief/expectation propagation as applied to turbo decoding/equalization/synchronization and distributed estimation in sensor networks, 5) permeation models for ion channels, and 6) composite adaptive systems theory. Here, you can find a little more about me by looking at my publications and my CV. If you want, you can also visit my official Drexel Faculty website or the website of my research group, the Adaptive Signal Processing and Information Theory Research Group.